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FUNNY T-SHIRTS. OFFENSIVE SHIRTS. See... I've discovered through my copious misuse of dust mites and confetti that all things are either spinning on an overt axis just barely on the edge of consciousness or they're juxtaposed to reality at such an obtuse angle that they can only be perceived by slow moving caterpillars and super intelligent kittens. You've been warned people! It's not enough just to wear the funny t-shirt, you've got to be the funny t-shirt.

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Like us please. We lack self esteem.

drinking drugs alcohol Funny T-Shirts

come back in a few beers drinking has a me problem 1 day sober thanks alcohol
Could you come back in a few beers? T
Let's skip the small talk and get right down to the business of casual, drunken sex.
Drinking Has a Me Problem Funny Shirts
There's no more effective way to cope with addiction than the use of denial. That's a fact. Look it up on wikipedia.
Many One Days Sober Shirt.
Alcoholics not so anonymous.
Thanks, Alcohol! Tee
The greatest wingman of all time! Without you I'd be a virgin.
who needs drugs Complicated Drinking Game
buy beer Not Tonights Ladies Drunk Funny T-Shirts
Who Needs Drugs?
No seriously, I have drugs.
Alcoholic Funny T-Shirt
My life is a very complicated drinking game funny t-shirt. Who's isn't?

The older you get the more alcohol it takes just to keep from commiting suicide.

Buy Beer Funny T-Shirt.
A little note to help you remember the most important thing of all: beer.
Not Tonight Funny T-Shirt
Not tonight ladies. I'm just here to get drunk. t-shirt
disney sorry about later hard partying IVXX
Disney on Ice
The other ice. The narcotic kind.
Sorry about what happens later.
Some poor girl is bound to sleep with you if you can get her drunk enough.
I Hope I don't Black Out T-Shirts.
Oh, to be that young again.
IV:XX (4:20) Funny Pot T-Shirts.
Drugs are classier in roman numerals.
high roller tee Funny T-Shirts Daddy Drinks Because I Cry Baby Shirt credit score Funny Sober TShirts
High Roller Tee.
In order to find humor in this shirt you need to be both high and mentally disabled.
Funny Daddy Drinks Because I Cry T-Shirts,

It's true. All that whining, crying and diaper changing can be too much for most men. He didn't even want a kid. He just wanted to get laid.
420 Funny Shirt.
I don't smoke pot. That's my credit score.
Also Available in Sober! T-Shirts.

Fifties looking dad dude. Martini glass in hand. Everyone knows Ward Cleaver was a drunk who beat Wally and the Beave. But the sneaky bastard was always sober for the cameras!
Funny Drinking Moderation high od shirt natural pot high
Funny Drinking T-Shirts.
I Drink in Moderation.
Moderation being an imaginary place that exists wherever I am. A drinking problem always makes for a good laugh.
High T-Shirts
... as a kite.  a timeless classic.
O.D. Doggie Overdose Tee.
Poor little puppy couldn't handle the fame and the harrassment by the papparrazi. .
Pot is the All Natural High.
Get wasted the organic and holistic way with Cannabis.
stab you god's creation legalize it tee passion of the pot
Don't Draw On Me Shirts
or you'll get a stabbing. Get stoned with confidence with this handy keep from being drawed on t-shirt.
God on Crystal Meth Funny Shirt.
God has created a few great things and a whole boatload of crap.

Legalize It Funny Tees.
I wasnt to be free to remove mattress tags and also to smoke pot.

Pot Crucifixion Funny Shirt.
Behold the Passion of the Pot. Marijuanna is the savior of all humanity.
fuck me mellow birds tee hooker cocaine designated driver
Drink Til You'll Fuck Me Funny Shirts.
Funny for half of the interested party anyway.
Melllow Birds T-Shirt.
Drugs are the solution to every problem, including hostile avian animations (angry brids).
Cocaine Hooker T-Shirts.
I'd rather be snorting cocaine off a hooker's ass. That pretty much says it all.
Designated Driver Funny Shirt.
Only beer for me. A Dodge Hemi is a terrible truck to wreck.
pack a bowl puff puff pass worst decision 1620
Funny Pack a Bowl Tee.
Sometimes our public school system fails us. Which is why we created this t-shirt to help.
Puff Puff Pass Geek Tees.
Nerds are the new jocks and asthma inhalers are the new pot.
Funny Worst Decision T.
and they just keep on coming.
It's 1620 Somewhere T-Shirts.
Soldiers love pot.
intervention t-shirts      
See you all at my intervention Funny T-shirts
Substance abuse and reality collide for the very first time.

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